Tracking Sales Lead Conversions to Improve Success Rates

Lead conversion is the ultimate goal of your hard work invested in marketing campaigns and sale efforts. But unless you are tracking your follow-up processes, sales activities, and lead conversion rate, you will have no idea how effective your marketing practices really are. Sure, you can measure your success through your sales, but the conversions you’re missing out on could be even greater. Tracking the conversion rate can help you figure out what sales you’re losing, and help you develop better techniques for retaining those sales.

Lead Tracking Solutions

With the advancement of technology comes a wide array of lead tracking and management software that allows you to keep track of your conversions. Tracking conversions from your website is incredibly easy, and automatic with the use of integrated lead tracking solution. You can see exactly how many consumers click through your website, when a sale is made, and what the exist point of a missed sale was. This can help you pinpoint where your website may need help to encourage more conversions.

Email Campaigns Tracking

E-mail sales are easy to track. By keeping count of how many electronic marketing materials you release each week or month, and then comparing them to the amount of responses that result in sales, you can accurately determine your conversion rate. To make it easier on yourself, dedicate one e-mail address solely to marketing through electronic mail, and you won’t confuse an incoming response to a marketing campaign with an unsolicited inquiry from a consumer. lead conversion squared

Lead Follow-up

You can also track your lead conversions through phone sales. By keeping track of how many phone calls you intake (thorough your in-house efforts or via outsourced call center), and how many result in a sale, you can tweak your phone tactics to increase your conversions. Strictly monitoring what part of your phone call ends before a conversion has a chance to take place will allow you to add or take away parts of your telephone sales pitch for better results.

Direct Sales Tracking

Traditional paper based direct marketing techniques are a little trickier to track, but with a little effort, it can help you with your marketing campaign. Something as simple as assigning each flier or marketing material a certain number, and then requesting leads divulge this number upon making contact, will give you a clear picture of how many conversions you achieve through mail marketing campaigns.

All of these tracking methods combined will help you determine your overall conversion rate. With a better idea of your accurate conversion rate, you can figure out what parts of your marketing campaign need to be adjusted. Through trial and error, you can increase your overall sales and encourage growth and success of your company.

Remember that your marketing campaign is a major part of your company’s success, and with the money and attention that you focus on your marketing will go to waste unless you are managing the conversions you achieve through your lead generation efforts. If you don’t bother to track your lead conversions, you’ll never know the amount of sales that you could be missing out on. This untapped potential could be the difference between booming success and immediate failure. With the advanced, easy to use, subscription centric, web based software tools available to help you easily manage your conversion tracking methods, there’s no reason not to implement tracking into your marketing practices

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