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Rooney where art thou?

It appears our one shining light has lost his mojo and really needs to find his form very quickly for England to have any chance to get through the World Cup 2010 tournament.

After enduring a frustrating 90 minutes I am sure we all felt the same and were all asking the same questions to the nearest sofa watcher… What has happened to Wayne Rooney?

The ball bounced off his foot every time it came near, he ran into traffic at every attempt and managed only one shot on target in the whole match, now for a” world class striker” that it not good enough.

You just cannot rule him out however and in any case who could you replace him with?

Personally I like Crouch and would drop Heskey without hesitation, he cannot get into his club team Aston Villa and does not deserve a place, his goalscoring record is poor and at international level you cannot afford to have players in just to distract the opposition. He offers little full stop.

Next argument was why put Gerrard back on the left? We all know what he is good at, drifting around the striker and pinging shots from the edge of the box into the back of the net.

So here’s my theory, Play Rooney up front on this own with Lampard and Gerrard playing just behind as supporting strikers, give the left flank to the tricky Joe Cole and Aaron Lennon on the right hand side.

Defence.. Well I don’t think they have done a lot wrong to be honest and would stick with it, along with now newly re-appointed goalkeeper David James. แทงบอลออนไลน์

Like the rest of England I do not buy into this nerves theory, they are well paid professional men who are there on duty and should be ready to play when called upon. They are going into a football game not into brain surgery.

There is of course pressure but it would be nice to see a smile on there face and give a positive account.

Other Teams so far:

Its not just England…. as we have tunnel vision we haven’t taken too much notice of the others just yet but we are not the only ones under-performing.

Spain – Worst performance for some time with a super talented bunch of players, losing 1-0 to Switzerland in the opening game, however with this group you can be sure of a different result against Chile in the next game but do not expect them to boss the game as Chile have a youthful energetic side which will make Spain’s life very nervy with such a need to win.

Brazil – Minus all the flair they had previously they look average in my opinion and some of there big players do not look fit such as Kaka, expect them to get out of the group and at least the semi final however I remains to be seen how good this group is against better teams.

Italy – Not a lot to talk about here as this is now a team in transition and we will see a different Italy in 2-4 years time.

Germany – Looked very effective first game however that was against a poor Australian side and came unstuck against Serbia in round 2, this group is wide open and could face an embarrassing exit should Ghana beat them in the final game.

France – Well well well, on paper one of the best squads in the tournament, poor manager, poor system and poor attitude all round, they deserve to exit and I am sure they will.

Argentina – Looked solid and big names have turned up, I would not be surprised if magic Messi takes them all they way.

Holland – Talented underachievers and I expect more of the same, one bad game and they will be out in the knockout stages.

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