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Webmasters only benefit from their websites if they gain organic traffic from real interested readers. If you have realized the power of prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and how they could help you gain more attention from your target market that could earn you more profits, then you certainly understand the need of an effective link building campaign. best link tracker

While links at blogs, reviews and articles, link exchanges and paid links are effective to increase the online presence of your website, it would certainly not create desirable results if you lack organization and do not take advantage of the link tracker technology.

For the beginner webmasters, a link building strategy is defined as basic set of techniques where you add links on other websites that point back to your website. When there are many reliable modes of gaining quality links, the question is how to monitor the unreliable sources?

The importance of using link tracking software is evident as webmasters spend much time and resources to create many quality one-way links to start an effective campaign and promote their website across the Internet. However, the undesirable consequence that they tend to face is that their links either disappear or die within days of having it set up. It is difficult and impractical to constantly monitor which links get deactivated and when they do so.

Link tracker is the answer to this problem. Link tracker is essentially a database of all the link exchanges to your website. This software automatically and constantly verifies the validity of all your one way backlinks and notifies you when any link is taken down or does not work.

Link tracker is also beneficial as they also state the Page Rank of the web pages that host your backlink. This is important as it allows webmasters to deem the importance of the link and how it helps the assessment of the website by search engines. The higher the Page Rank of these web pages with the backlink, the more importance is given to your website.

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