Is There a Way to Clean Yellowed Nose Pads on Old Prescription Glasses?

The vast majority don’t understand that you can change those slick nosepads that sit on our glasses. As somebody who needs to wear glasses constantly I am continually fighting skin disturbance that are from the nosepads on my glasses. I as of late found the incomparable HD nose cushions that are brilliant and don’t ingest the oils that typical nose cushions ingest.

I was truly captivated at the way that they guaranteed these HD or high thickness nose cushions don’t stain or ingest body oils. I put in my first request for a 13mm snap in pair and they conveyed Ray Ban nose padsthem around two days after the fact. I was stunned following a week and that hadn’t started to stain. Normally the cushions I get at my neighborhood optical shop and pay ten dollars to put on begin to stain following a couple of days.

I introduced my new cushions that I bought for 2.99 and it was set for the demonstrating grounds to check whether they assimilated the oils and disturb my skin. After about seven days I was altogether dazzled with this item and I have had a similar pair on for three weeks and the red spots that utilization to rule my nose were at long last gone.

I am so dazzled with these HD nosepads that I bought from Eye Supplies. I am so eager to tell individuals about these incredible nosepads that have my eye glass wearing experience so much better. I will never purchase another standard nosepad again in my life.

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