Gambling Should Not Be Performed Under Alcohol Intoxication

Every gambler knows in his heart that his world is ruled by the iron gods of probability. That in the infinite spins of the wheel and rolls of the dice everything will be leveled equal. And if you were on the wrong side of the edge, then your doom is as inevitable as fate. Yet, there is a little demi-god in our wild pantheon that most gamblers ignore, that is, standard deviation. This god goes by other names, swing, volatility but perhaps is better known by his disguise, luck. This is the God that brings the chaos to the order that probability is trying to lay down. When he is kind, he is the one who gives the gambler that hot rush of cards at the poker table or the hands to make the dice burn, for that one night where the casino trembles under the weight of being the loser. But more often, he is a jealous god who tramples on those mere mortals whose ambition is too fast and strong.

If you fear this god, you should know that his wrath can be avoided. 😛 Right enough of mad priest speak. Translated, gambling is a volatile activity and your gambling strategy needs to be able accommodate for swings in your bankroll. This is important because, gambling isn’t just about winning strategies. Your gambling strategy needs to also be a survival strategy. It needs to strike that balance between maximizing the chances of winning and minimizing the chances of going bust. Because losing your bankroll is death to the gambler. The solution is printing money. But another good strategy is to employ bankroll management.

A good gambling bankroll management strategy takes into account that you will face swings up and down. At the simplest level, it is just a matter of sizing your betting according you’re your bankroll. For the gambler, his bankroll is his life points. It keeps him in action.

If you have managed to find a gambling strategy

If you like playing Texas Hold’em in poker, then you need to know proven money making gambling systems to win and gain money. Here is some money making gambling systems that will help you win more money than other poker players. Just remember, you can’t win every tournament you play, so focus more on gaining money rather than winning.

Texas Hold’em

The Texas Hold’em is a High card game. The players that have the highest cards can have the finest opportunity at the best hand otherwise get a draw to the best hand following the flop. What you need to do in this game is to play only the strong hands that can survive either a raise or multiple raises from the beginning of betting positions. At the later positions of the game, you can try playing medium strength cards if you get the opportunity to see the flop at a sensible value. But every time you get strong high hands, play them as much as possible and play it aggressively. Acquire all the raises that you can. You have to minimize the competition to get a bigger probability of winning. In order to do that, you need to know a few money making gambling systems that really works.

Before knowing some money making gambling systems for Texas Hold’em, you need to be familiar with the terms:

-Low Cards: 6 through 2
-Medium Cards: 9 through 7
-High Cards: A through 10
-Set: Three of a kind with the two cards in your hand and one on the board
-Trips: Three of a kind with one card in your hand and two cards on the board
-Slow Play: Calling or checking alongside the other players to boost the pot odds.
-Fast Play: Raising, re-raising and betting in order to eliminate as many players as possible.
-Nut Hand: Also called a Lock, it is an unbeatable hand.
-Check-Fold: Check if you are able to, and fold when you are bet into. Just accept all the free cards obtainable.
-Flop, Turn, River: บาคาร่า   These are the five community cards in the right place of its allocation.

Here is some money making gambling systems that could work for you. These are some great strategies that even pros use when they play:

-Play using low pairs vigilantly. Low pairs are formed from 66 down to 22. Do this strategy in the late stages of the game and never in the early stages. Play low pairs only when the cost is precise. You should fold whenever you don’t “flop” a quads or sets.

-Be careful with consistent flops. Consistent flops such as 6, 7 and 8 can possibly turn to straights and beat your high pair or other variety of good hands.

-Immediately play when you have high pairs or strong hands before the flop. With this, you can immediately gain money and avoid having weak hands that folds and gets lucky with the flop and be able to beat you.

-Try to bluff. If you successfully bluff, you can earn the money you didn’t deserve to win. If the bluff fails, you only lose hardly any chips and you’ll get your opponents off guard when you get a strong hand because they might think that you’re still bluffing.

-Know how your opponents play. Observe if they have any mannerisms that reveal information to the cards they have. See if they bluff and if they can be bluffed. Check if they are able to get more hands that they can play instead of folding

where you do have an edge, with a positive expected value. Then the worst thing you can do is kill you chances by not taking into account a bankroll management system. Because even though a strategy may have a positive edge, there will always be volatility both up and down. If you cannot handle the short term down swing then your will never be able to survive into the long-run where your edge will materialize into real profits. Even if your game of choice is a negative expected value game, good bankroll management will ensure that you get the longest possible session out of your bankroll.

How to size your bet size depends on the volatility or standard deviation for the particular game you are playing. But if the math is a bit bothersome, just follow the golden rule, your bet size should be 2% of your session bankroll. This effectively stops any chance of the casino beating you from the first cold streak. So if you have $500, then you should keep your bets at $10. This ensures that you’ll have a long gambling session and hopefully be able to catch the swing in your favor. Lucky gamblers put themselves in a situation where they give themselves the most chances to get lucky!

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