Attracting Serious Customers With SEO Marketing

The roll-out of the latest search engine algorithms means death to many internet marketers as well as to put many websites in the red. That being said, this is the chance for many website owners to improve their site’s ranking and all that by doing organic SEO and SEM practices. By doing ethical SEO, website owners will see long term results and need not be concerned about seo  having their sites dump in the sandbox so to speak.

What are Organic SEO practices?

We have heard it before but for some who are just new to the internet marketing industry or site owners, organic SEO basically means utilizing tools currently available at their disposal without having to resort to paying for these tools or services. Examples of these tools include – keyword search tools, web analytics and competitor analysis.

Organic SEO Tools

Keyword search tools are one of the essentials that webmasters should use in improving their site ranking. Keywords are basically a bunch of words or phrases that one wants to be associated with. These keywords are what internet users would usually type in their search if they want to find something in the internet. These tools are often available for a fee but some sites offer basic features for free. Examples are those of Google’s Keyword Planner, Wordstream’s Free Keyword tool and Bing’s Keyword Research. There are some sites that also offer free keyword searches that you check in the internet and some have backups of data/stats so you would be able to get accurate organic searches for the keyword that you intend to use.

Web Analytics is another useful SEO tool as it gives valuable insight to the webmaster and can help them collect data that will help them tweak their site’s performance. Web analytics is helpful especially for businesses as it helps improve their market research and aids in facilitating new campaigns. Web analytics comes in two categories – on-site and off-site. On-site analytics measures what visitors do when they visit the website. The data can be helpful in improving the site’s pages and also help measure the visitor’s response against other visitors. Off-site analytics on the other hand, helps the company determine opportunities outside their customer base as well as check other buzz or trends.

Last but not the least is the competitor analysis. Using this tool will help the company determine the opportunities and threats in the industry. This is done by helping the company understand their competitor(s) better through careful observation of their activities.

Did you know that only one out of four people goes past Page one of Google search results? Most searchers are only willing to look through the results on the first page. They are also more likely to be satisfied with what they find from those results.

This goes on to tell you one thing – how you rank matters a lot because it determines how much traffic you get from search engines. So how do you improve your SE ranking? Through SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to your website/blog.

This list contains five of the most important tips for enhancing SEO success:

1. Post Quality Content on a Regular Basis

One of the most important parts of SEO is content. Search engines are focused on giving searchers the most relevant results. Thus, they “sift” through the different sites to get the best results. Your content should not only be relevant but authentic. Using other people’s content will only get you penalized. Therefore, focus on fresh relevant content and post on a regular basis.

2. Make Sure Your Content has Proof Terms

Search engines like Google are determined to provide the best experience for searchers. Therefore, they constantly improve their algorithms for best semantic search. Hence, proof terms. These are terms related to the keywords. For instance, searching a movie title could bring back results with different character names or soundtracks.

3. Make Use of Social Media

To provide the best results, search engines can also analyze your social media presence to determine how much engagement your content gets. Therefore, it is important to promote the content you write and post.

4. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

More and more people are using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to access the internet. You don’t want to lose all this traffic by not having a mobile-optimized website. Search engines will also look at this when giving back results.

5. Improve on Speed and Navigation

Research shows that 27% of people aged between 18 and 34 years will bounce (leave) if a site loads for more than a second. As you work to keep this 27%, it is also important to improve navigation between the different pages on your site. This is in an attempt to reduce user frustration and bounce rate.

Final Word

Quality content still matters when it comes to SEO. However, as important as regular posting is important, the quality is what matters most. Also, do not just focus on keywords but also on proof terms as some of the searchers will not search for the exact keyword or phrase. They will search for terms associated with the keyword.

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